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How much water does Easi Grow need?

During the colder, wetter seasons you can get away with little or no water.  In order for the seeds to germinate, the soil has to be kept damp however, which translates into about 5 minutes of watering  in the morning. After that, you can start watering deeper, but less frequently - about 20 - 25 minutes every day to promote root growth.

Do I have to remove my existing lawn first?

No. You can remove any dead grass before seeding, but it’s not necessary. You can simply seed over everything.

Do I have to add compost?

If the soil quality is poor, it is always advisable to work some compost into it before seeding. Another good idea is to sprinkle some Superphosphate (available at most nurseries) over the soil before seeding. That will promote root growth of your seedlings.

What type of grass is Easi Grow?

It is a special fescue blend from the United States, which is mainly used for sports fields and golf courses due to all it’s many wonderful benefits.

Will it work with dogs?

The new seedlings will need some time to establish itself, before you allow traffic on it, so it would be ideal to camp off newly seeded areas for a while. If that’s not possible, simply re-seed any areas that don’t grow to your satisfaction.

Do I have to overseed regularly?

No. Easi Grow lawn seed will grow into a lush green lawn, that will continue to grow via runners and an extensive underground root system. It is not like some other seed grasses that have to be re-seeded again and again.

When is the best time to seed Easi Grow?

One of the biggest advantages of Easi Grow, is that it can be sown at any time of the year - even in the heart of winter.

Will it grow in the shade?

Yes, absolutely! Unlike most other lawn types, Easi Grow loves the shade and wetter areas. It is therefore ideal to overseed your existing lawn in those areas that are struggling to grow.

Why do some areas not germinate as well as others?

As we’re dealing with nature, there are many factors at play. Seeds have to be covered with soil and kept damp until they’ve all germinated. Wind could blow some away, while birds can also eat some of it. If it gets mowed before it had a chance to grow roots, the lawnmower might also suck some up.

How long can I keep the seeds for?

As long as the seeds are kept dry and out of direct sunlight, it can be kept for up to 5 years.





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